About Global Cargo

Founded in 2013, the Global Cargo is proud of its high level of professionalism and their ability to manage time constraints and deadlines given various industry sectors. A company formed by highly trained professionals in international trade and logistics planning, financial and tax with a young profile, bold and dynamic. Specializing in transactions with the European, Latin American and North American.

We are a company focused entirely on the international market and dedicate our resources to improve its service. The teamwork of our experienced team is an important factor in our success.

Our main aim of furthering the boundaries of countries and markets in a globalized world with a focus on agility, transparency, security and integrated foreign trade practices.

We offer solutions in export and import, market research and international strategies, international representation, global sourcing, technical visits abroad to accompany the shipment and supplier evaluation.

Also offering our customers an exclusive area for Logistic Assistance, completely managing the supply chain in international trade and assisting in identifying and hiring the ideal transport its cargo, which results in a logistics optimization and reduction of operating costs.

Dedicated to delivering the best services in the market, Global Cargo is option number one agent in charge.